Pamela’s music

I was born a singer. From as early as I can remember I always sang with great passion and enjoyed it.   When a baby in my cot, as soon as I woke I began to sing, which was quite annoying for my parents as I woke them very early in the morning.   At a very early age I used to hear Kathleen Ferrier singing on the radio and loved to imitate her voice – I copied it very well.   I felt the warmth, the grain and deep feeling in her voice and loved her form of musical expression.   I used to sing her songs in the bathroom because there was an echo there which made it resound. At Primary School I loved to sing and was in the school choir.   In my last two years there I used to sing solo a lot as my teacher, an Irish lady who taught us Irish and Scottish traditional music and ballads, appreciated my voice very much.   We had singing lessons but besides the lessons she used often to call me to the front of the class and ask me to sing on my own. This was the beginning of my public singing.

At Primary School I learnt the violin for a year, on an instrument loaned by the School.   I had private piano lessons from the age of 10 to 16, and also studied the theory of music.   I reached Grade IV level of the Royal Schools of Music examinations.

At Secondary School I was in the school choir and once accompanied the School Orchestra on the piano.   We had an excellent singing teacher who even took the school choir to appear on the BBC.

Once I left school I used to sing a lot by myself and began collecting the words of songs I enjoyed.   Eventually I sang, unaccompanied, at parties, when asked by friends who liked my singing.

Then the most important event in my entire musical life happened.   I met a guitarist with whom I had a complete and total musical union and understanding.   I began to sing with him in 1967, when we first met.  Our musical life together was extremely varied and rewarding. It was emotionally thrilling for me. We have a tremendous repertoire and he learned most of the tunes for the first time with me.   He composed his own music and we made several songs together, composed of his music and my words.

We played in many, many places and appeared six times on Portuguese Television. Most of our activities were as the Duo L.P. but other formations came up, as everyone wanted to play with us. 

July 1967First musical contact with Luis.
End 1968Recordings for Radio programme; began playing in public places
1968/69Appearance on Zip Zip television programme with Luis Freitas Branco
End 1969EP Record Pamela Murphy – 2 songs were our own compositions; 2 other recordings were of other well-known songs. The record company wanted us to make an LP but we had not enough songs prepared and Luis was off to Angola
1972-1987Musical activities as a Duo and later with the LP & Company formation
1974 25th April – TV appearance scheduled for that date, postponed due to the revolution falling on that day, but at a later date the programme went ahead with Isabel Wolmar as compere of the show – with José Campos e Sousa and John Harman
1977Show at the Hit Club, in Lisbon, broadcast on Portuguese national television.  We played every weekend at this Club for several years
1980 We entered the Portuguese television contest to choose the song to represent Portugal in the Eurovision Song Competition that year. We submitted one of Luis’ originals, which was selected and we sang it on television, although it did not reach the finals
1984 Julio Isidro’s TV Programme  – a regular programme he had with two very well known actresses
1986Julio Isidro’s TV Programme with the L P & Company formation                   
1998The First 60s Music Festival at the Carlos Lopes Sports Stadium in  Lisbon
1999           60s Music Festival in Cascais             
2001           60s Music Festival in Cascais
2003           60’s Music Show in Sintra, at the Olga Cadaval Cultural Centre; The 3 of us played together on stage there: Luis, Pamela and our son Paulo